SPG is an important global pump supplier that provides complete solutions to various industrial needs.SPG Pumps are found in a wide variety of industries, from oil & gas re-
fineries to water treatment facilities. By combining a far reaching global sales network, well managed quality management system, advanced production facilities, large prod-
uction capacity and technical expertise SPG shall continue to be the largest Pump manufacturer in China to provide its partners and clients around the world with quality fluid c-
ontrol solutions.


Oil & Gas

As increased global demand in hydrocarbon depletes once established reservoirs, the complexity, cost, and difficulties of finding and extracting new reservoirs have been st-
eadily increasing. As companies face longer rig times, dangerous environments and increasingly the need to navigate through complicated networks of governance and env-
ironmental compliances SPG Pump will keep expanding its abilities to provide viable solutions to the challenges of modern day oil and gas production.


SPG Pump can provide timely and complete solutions of industrial pump to oil & gas customers for the construction of new oil refining plants, refineries and highly integrated processing plants.


Main Products: DY Series Split Multistage Centrifugal Pump / HCZ、HAZO Series Petrochemical Process Pump / AY Series Oil Pump / RPK Series Process Pump




The power industry has always been seeking new methods to develop energy resources in a quick, safe and efficient way in order to meet increasing power demand and inf-
lict minimum impact to the environment. SPG Pump can help customers to meet the most important challenges in coal power generation, natural gas power generation, nuc-
lear power and other renewable energy sources industries.
• Steam Turbine Control System Main Steam • Recycled Water Isolation and Control  • Nuclear Power Plant • Natural Gas Power Plant  • Hydro Power Station 


Main Products: DG Series Boiler Feed Pump / EOTS Series Double Suction Horizontal Split Case Pump / EOTS Series Condensate Pump / NW Series Low pressure drain pump




Increased shipping demands brings shipbuilders plenty of opportunities and challenges. SPG Pump customized marine pump solutions can help shipbuilders and ship ow-
ners to select suitable valves in order to save cost and reduce risks. SPG Pump has become the preferred choice of pump supplier in marine industry because of its reliable quality, complete product categories, marine accreditations and global service network


Major Applications: Barges and Supporting Facilities / Cargo Ship / Oil Tanker / Tug Boat / LPG Ship / LNG Ship / Military Warship


Main Products: RSV Series Marine centrifugal pump / CL Series Marine centrifugal pump / RSN Series Marine centrifugal pump / XBD Series Emergency fire system for ship



Water Treatment

With the growth of population and the change of global climate, water resources are becoming more and more deficient. It's highly important to make good use of traditional water resources (such as inland fresh water lakes, reservoirs, etc.) and seek new water resources meantime. The water treatment industry is always seeking methods to m-
aximize water resource sharing in order to ensure sufficient water supply. In water treatment industry aged production facilities and external water-transmission lines often le-
ads to maintenance increase of facilities and waste of resources.


Major Applications: Sea Water Desalinization / Water Transportation / Water Treatment / Water Cycle and Use / Sewage Treatment


Main Products: Non-Negative Pressure Water Supply Device / ISG Series Vertical centrifugal pump / GDL Series Vertical Multiple stage Pump / IS Series centrifugal pump of single stage type / QW Series Submersible Sewage Pump / XBD Series Fire Pump / QJ Borehole Pump

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